Have A Heart this February!

never buy a service before it's actually due

Relax knowing that we age all of your service history by your unique driving habits, ensuring you don't do them before they're actually needed

Lower the cost of vehicle ownership

We ensure you never do services early, squeezing every mile out of every service, creating the most affordable maintenance plan money can buy.

Save $1000's in vehicle payments

By keeping your vehicle a few extra years you can potentially save thousands of dollars a year in vehicle payments.

When you donate blood at the Lifesource Glenview Donor Center during the month of February, you will brighten lives and receive a coupon (valid through June 30, 2009) for 50% off any oil change service from C&M. Call 1-877-LIFESOURCE (1-877-543-3768) or visit www.lifesource.org to schedule your appointment and get more information. Thank you for your help!